Rock Instagram Video 1: Why Your Ideal Brides Aren't Booking You and Ways to Change That

Okay, so we may be going a little basic today, but the principles I talk about are what I see the biggest floral designers doing that florists growing their businesses are not doing (and no, it's not having a feed of only professional photos). Nothing else I teach in this series will work if you don't build on the foundation I teach today.

Everything I teach in this series is about YOU taking control of your own feed, mostly with your iPhone. You CAN start booking clients even when you don't have a huge following. What matters more than the number of followers is how well you communicate through your feed that you are a floral artist whose eye and skill is worthy of hire! We'll talk about a foundation of habits you need to have in order to be consistent (because Instagram is a long-term game, consistency is key!).

In the freebie below, I give you a checklist to help you know what to post and to make sure your priorities and confidence are in the right place. These are the exact ideas that I have used to make my feed clean, cohesive, and if I do say so myself, quite follow-able. I definitely have big dreams for where I'm taking my Instagram following, but I know it's a long-term game and I'm consistently getting followers every day, which is more than I can say was the case before I really was clear and intentional a few months ago.