New Inventory

How often do you add inventory?

We add inventory to the shop every Wednesday at 11 am est.

Surface Care

How can I care for my surface?

Can we do it in 10 Commandments format? (But just 7)

1. Thou shalt not get thy surface wet.

2. Thou shalt keep thy surface in her padded linen envelope when thou art not using her.

3. Thou shalt not crush thy surface.

4. Thou shalt not put wet food on her.

5. When a blemish occurs from certain accidents, thou shalt apply a smidge of a complimenting paint color (often a white/cream color will do).

6. Thou shalt always style your pieces beautifully to keep your surface happy.

7. Thou shalt tag @emma_Natter or #surfacesbyemma or both so I don't miss out on the beauty you create (#ioftensufferfromFOMO).

Are the surfaces fragile?

They are fragile simply because plaster is brittle. However, the padded linen envelope should protect it in normal use. You may even consider keeping the box it is shipped in to ease your mind in transportation and storage. 

Do I need to keep my surface in the linen envelope it came in?

I would definitely recommend this to avoid any accidents that can happen (children, dogs, food, unruly elbows) when the surfaces is left out. It is also best to keep it in the envelope when traveling to and from venues, etc.

My surface is imperfect.

It's true! That's the way I design them. That's actually one of the great things about caring for them is that much of their beauty is in their imperfection, so when accidents happen, there's not much a bit of cream paint can't do to keep the surface beautiful. 

Refunds, Shipping, Custom Orders

Do you offer exchanges or refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges or refunds at this time. Please do let us know if there were any problems in the packaging and shipping and we'll take care of that on a case-by-case basis.

Do you ship internationally?

Right now, we do ship many items internationally including surfaces! For heavy, bulky items, however, the shipping costs just get to be too much. If you're wanting to buy something but concerned about whether shipping will work, please contact us here. Or if you'd rather not risk losing your chance to buy (items sell out quickly), purchase your order and we'll contact you and refund your purchase or part of your purchase if we can't ship it.

Can I order a custom surface?

At this point, we do not take custom orders. However, you are welcome to contact me here to suggest a color palette, texture, or size you'd like to see and I usually use these ideas right away as I work.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Because each surface is made by hand in a lengthy process, it's just not feasible for us to offer any kind of wholesale price. However, we occasionally have sales and other offers. To never miss a sale, sign up for our newsletter here.


There are scratches and stuff in my antique pieces. 

Yes! That's the nature and often the beauty of these antiques I curate. I try to photograph each piece honestly so you are not surprised by blemishes and imperfections that give the piece character. In a similar vein, some of the tools (like the knives or the scissors) are simply for styling and not actually suitable for cutting, etc. In these cases, I've tried to specify this in the details of the product description.

Styling Help

How do I get the best photos of my surface?

The best thing about these surfaces is that you can take them to the best light wherever you are. When I'm losing light in my apartment in New York City, I often have the surface propped on the windowsill while I snap a few photos. A lot easier than dragging your only wooden table around or trying to get linens and paper to lie flat on the windowsill.

Also, almost all of the photos I take myself are just on my iPhone! But of course the surfaces also look amazing on digital and film cameras.

How do I style my surface?

I love sharing ideas on how to style! I have a whole page dedicated to this here.

Can you teach me your ways in a 1-to-1 setting?

Yes! I've been in that frustrating place where no one seems to be responding to all of the effort and money you're putting into your business, Instagram, and website. I offer a range of packages for creative businesses you can check out here that revolve around styling and branding. It's a game-changer when someone with a trained eye  can look at your brand and business and help you see the direction you need to go.


Do you collaborate with other creatives for styled shoots?

Collaborating with other creatives has been so important for me in building my portfolio, making friends in the industry, developing my own artistry, and having fun. Please do contact me here if you're putting together something exciting! And also please understand that because of the time-consuming nature of styling a shoot, I can only put together a certain amount each year.