Our Surfaces

Emma creates each surface by hand with different moods guiding her in the execution of the artful meeting of paint, plaster, and paper. Because of Emma's attention to texture and color, styling the surfaces becomes a delightful process full of conversations between different media. She draws inspiration from landscape, art, architecture, and dilapidated walls to offer a wide array of moods to tell beautiful stories. 

Our Hand-Curated Collection

Emma travels on the east coast and to Europe to antique markets and artisan fairs to discover those hard-to-find vessels, tools, and keepsakes. She pays special attention to not only their shape, color, details, and sheen, but the unique wear, imperfections, and character each one has to add to your story.

About Emma

Emma Natter is fascinated by the idea of a journey (the pilgrimage journey in particular) to describe a life. She studies the interactions between host and guest and the objects that pass between them to facilitate and deepen this beautiful relationship. She loves meaningful, merry gatherings where minds are enlightened, stomachs are full, and souls are delighted. Emma lives in New York City.