1-to-1 Style Mentoring

For the earnest creative wanting to transform her business into a distinct, beautiful, profitable brand, we'll work closely over two days with two styled photoshoots and some of the best wedding creatives in the industry. We'll create a foundation and heart for your brand that will breathe life, meaning, a distinct fine art aesthetic, and help you reach higher budget clients. After working together, you'll have a clear vision for your brand, refined skills in your styling for your next projects, and actionable steps to building a bigger, more engaged audience and a more profitable business.

What the 1-to-1 includes:

An initial call

We'll chat and see if we're a good fit and a chance for you to get immediate feedback about your portfolio and brand.

3 1-hour calls for us to work together in my planning process:

Before your first call, I'll give you a questionnaire that will go deep into what your business and brand need to move forward. In our call, we'll begin planning your photoshoots based on how you'd like to appeal to your audience and who else you'd like to attract. We'll talk about choosing and approaching vendors, choosing a venue, and how I am intentional about every styling choice from the beginning. I'll give you my step-by-step process for how I create an intentional, beautiful shoot. By knowing this process, you'll be able to create beautiful shoots that build on your brand story and continue to draw clients in again and again.

Before our second call, we'll discuss your Instagram game. First, how to create a beautifully curated feed that people can't help but click that magical follow button. And second, how to engage and build a community audience who keeps wanting to come back for more. We'll cover how to write compelling captions, and how to use Instagram Live and Instagram Stories in engaging ways.

Our third call will be an intensive styling prep for our photoshoots. We'll spend time talking about paper, food, and detail styling, followed by pose and movement. We'll also cover time management, and keeping calm in a high-stress situation.

2 days together:

We will have two consecutive days of set up, styling and shooting. You'll see how I set up and style shots and as you style your own shots, I'll be there to give feedback and offer ideas for how to adjust to achieve the look for your brand. After each shoot, we'll go to a delicious dinner to replenish mental, physical, and emotional energies and talk through what went well and how we can do that again. 


One payment of 2800-

Or one payment of 1300- and two payments of 850-.